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84 Lumber’s “We Build American” Initiative

As one of North America’s leading building materials supplier, 84 Lumber has partnered with contractors and vendors across the nation to promote the use of US-made and sourced building materials and products. (February 11, 2013)

At the National Association of Homebuilder’s (NAHB) International Builders Show 2013 (IBS), 84 Lumber has announced the launch of its ‘We Build American’ initiative to encourage builders, remodelers, architects and homeowners to use American-made materials.

So far, 84 Lumber has been joined by more than 180 companies across 40 states; with even more expected to join over the coming months, persuaded by the honourable intentions behind the initiatives, as President and Owner of 84 Lumber, Maggie Hardy Magerko explained:

“This initiative is designed to spread the work that you can build homes with approximately 95 percent American-made materials and products, have a higher quality home, and maintain and create American jobs – all with little impact on overall building costs.”

‘We Build American’ is the creation of Delaware builder, Marnie Oursler; who found that the cost of using American-made materials is within one-half of one percent of the cost of using foreign-made materials.

Having approached 84 Lumber with the idea of sharing her experiences, Oursler has recruited a myriad of builders of all sizes; though the President of Marnie Homes efforts continues:

“I encourage custom and production builders to seriously consider using American products moving forward. Talk to your materials supplier about sourcing these products, it takes a little research at first but we are providing a lot of information on our website.”

It’s estimated that current American homes contain approximately 65 percent American-made and sourced products. With up to nearly 40 percent of the almost $3 billion American homebuilding industry relating to costs, even a small percentage increase in American-made products could have a significant knock-on effect.

Vice-President for Marketing & Public Relations at 84 Lumber, Jeff Nobers stated:

“If every American builder used just five-10 percent more American products in the homes that they build, it would add an enormous number of American jobs in communities across the country.

“From sawmills in Georgia and Mississippi, to nail manufacturers in Illinois, Americans would be put to work making American products for American homes.”