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5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

In the world of custom home construction, optimizing space is crucial. When it comes to bedrooms, especially in smaller spaces, careful consideration of scale, balance, symmetry, and natural light can transform a room and create the illusion of spaciousness. Here are my tips on how to make your bedroom feel bigger.

1. Embrace Vaulted Ceilings and Symmetry

At Marnie Custom Homes, we love incorporating vaulted ceilings to add volume and maximize natural light. Using 8′ windows and doors ensures a consistent, symmetrical look, making the room appear larger. This meticulous attention to detail is evident in our Paradise Point build, where symmetrical windows and a vaulted ceiling create an expansive feel.

2. Harness Natural Light 

For a small space, you want as much natural light as you can get. That’s why for window treatments, I recommend using remote-controlled blinds that are built into the top of the window. This provides a clean look while also giving you the privacy you need.

Another option is to hang drapery as high as you can which draws the eye upward and makes the room feel bigger. Choose a light fabric such as linen and opt for light colors as well to maximize the impact of natural light.

For an added touch, skylights bring in additional natural light. Opt for remote-controlled blinds, especially if your room faces the east, allowing you to control sunlight with ease. Our X-ta-Sea project showcases the impact of skylights and remote-controlled window treatments in creating an airy atmosphere.

3. Streamline with Built-In Sconces and Reading Lights

To eliminate the need for table lamps, consider built-in sconces or reading lights as we did in our X-ta-Sea primary bedroom. This option contributes to an open and airy feel. If you do use table lamps they should be tall and slim.

Another example is this bedroom from our Living the Dream build that demonstrates how the strategic placement of lights over the nightstands can enhance the sense of space.

In Paradise Point, we opted for pendants instead of table lights, contributing to a clean and uncluttered look.

4. Built-in Furniture Solutions

For rooms with limited space, built-in furniture is a game-changer. In smaller rooms, my go-to approach is incorporating built-in furniture to eliminate the need for small-scale furniture that may disrupt the overall aesthetic. Villa Vytis showcases how we integrated a bed, dresser, and bookshelves seamlessly into a small space.

Our Double the Fun bunk room features built-in nightstands, sconces, and clever storage solutions like drawer stairs and pull-out drawers under the bed.

In our Ocean of Dreams primary bedroom, we utilized a built-in triangle-shaped dresser into the roofline for both functionality and aesthetics.

Building dressers into the closets is another space saver. There was no space for furniture in our X-ta-Sea primary bedroom so we built-in dressers to the closet to maximize the space.

5. Light-Colored Paint for the Illusion of Space

Paint choices play a crucial role in perception. Light colors, such as Pearly White and Origami White from Sherwin Williams and Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore, create a brighter and more expansive look. Sea glass-inspired blues like Tradewind, Iceberg, Topsail, and Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams are also some of my favorites. You can see more of my favorite paint colors here.

I hope these ideas help inspire your home and make sure you follow us on Instagram for more inspiring home and design content.