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Top Lighting for 2023 – Part 1: Pendants & Dining Chandeliers

Lighting plays a pivotal role in transforming spaces, adding depth, ambiance, and a touch of magic. It’s truly the jewelry of our homes. In this two-part blog, I’m thrilled to share my personal favorites from our latest coastal builds. These fixtures have caught my eye for their innovation, beauty, and ability to elevate any room. My hope is that this selection serves as a source of inspiration and sparks fresh ideas for your own home.

Part I – We’re starting with pendant and dining room lighting.

Pendant Lighting:

1. These pendant lights in our Live Lucky build really make a statement without taking away from the open area. Overall, they provide a classic and clean look.

Shop this Chapman & Myers’ Gracie Pendant Light here.

2. A timeless choice, these pendant lights in our Sea Glass build offer a classic design with an A-line silhouette and modern shade.

Shop this Vance pendant light by Hinkley here.

Glass pendant light

Dining Room Chandelier Lighting:

1. Our Sea Glass build features this stunning dining room chandelier, with a whimsical bubble design.

Shop this Rotterdam light polished chrome cluster pendant light here.

2. In our Beach to Bay build, we incorporated three textured pendant lights—each a different size—which were placed in a staggered cluster to create a more dramatic look.

3. This cocoa bead chandelier is made from natural sustainable materials. Installed in our Livin’ the Dream build, it provides the dining room with a beautiful warm textured design.

4. In our 7’s Heaven build, we insisted on this piece specifically for the dining room. It’s oversized for the table but fills the space with the high ceiling. Sometimes you have to go big or go home! And the natural material works really well with the glass pendants which complement the island color.

Shop this Obispo Chandelier here.

5. These bronze accented teal glass pendants are also from our 7’s Heaven build.

Shop these Vera Glass Jug Pendants by Ballard Designs here.

I hope these lighting favorites inspire your home and create the perfect vibe for your space in 2023 and beyond!

In Part II of my lighting blog, I’m sharing my favorite staircase chandeliers, bathroom, and bunk room lights. You can read it here.