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2024 Beach House Trends

As we step into the new year, a fresh new set of beach home trends is emerging. From dedicated wellness spaces to elevated recreation areas and personalized designs with your pet in mind, these trends are driven by the unique visions of our homeowners. We thrive on turning these aspirations into tangible, easy-living spaces that capture the essence of coastal living. Let’s take a look at the trends shaping 2024.

1. Wellness Retreats. In the aftermath of the pandemic, the demand for at-home wellness spaces has surged. From home gyms to saunas and hot tubs, homeowners are seeking rejuvenation within their own homes.

Steam/Sauna Combo: In our “Live Lucky” build we designed a steam and sauna combo in the primary bathroom.

The enclosed steam shower features three shower heads in addition to three wall jets for a spa-like experience. With the steam and sauna side by side, it makes it easy to go from steam to sauna for the ultimate relaxation.

Home Gyms with a View: We’ve seen a huge increase in home gyms in recent years and now we’re seeing a lot more thought going into the actual layout of gym equipment to accommodate the wishes of not only homeowners but their kids and grandkids.

This state-of-the-art Sorinex gym from our “Wavehaven” build is just steps from the beach and has everything you need for an at-home workout while listening to the crashing waves. 

This one from our “Live Lucky” build was designed to incorporate waterfront views. 

Hot Tubs: We are incorporating more hot tubs than ever in our beach homes. In our “Wavehaven” build, the homeowner wanted to include a hot tub but did not want to block their ocean view so this one is inset into the second-floor deck and sits on top of the first-floor outdoor shower. This allows for easy entry and an unobstructed view.

2. Bars Everywhere. While bars have been a consistent feature in our builds, the trend now extends to multiple areas – coffee bars, rec room bars, outdoor bars, and wine cellars. Homeowners want the convenience of a bar wherever they gather.

The homeowner from our “Paradise Point” build wanted a coffee bar station outside the primary suite so they could wake up and take their coffee directly up to their rooftop deck to enjoy their waterfront views. A great way to start the day!

We are also seeing a trend towards designated wine cellars like this one from our “Live Lucky” build.

3.   Recreation Haven: Elevated recreation spaces are on the rise with homeowners seeking a resort-style experience within the comfort of their beach home. Our “Live Lucky” build features a putting green and pickleball court, providing unique opportunities for family bonding and creating lasting memories.

4. Timeless White Kitchens with a Twist: While classic white kitchens remain a staple at the beach, we’re infusing new energy with colored islands and countertops. Expect a shift towards more black and beige color schemes, adding a modern touch to coastal havens.

5. Pet-Friendly Amenities: We understand the importance of pets as integral family members, and increasingly, homeowners are incorporating thoughtful elements for their pets, including feeding stations, dog wash areas, and cozy sleeping nooks. We recently crafted our first “catio,” a sunlit room designed exclusively for one homeowner’s feline friend. This trend underscores the growing emphasis on creating spaces that cater not only to the needs of residents but also to the comfort and happiness of their beloved pets.

This feeding station from “The Grey Pearl” build comes complete with a pot-filling faucet for easy access.

After a day at the beach, this dog wash station makes it easy to rinse off your pup keeping sand out of the house.

These trends not only enhance the aesthetics but also reflect the desires and lifestyles of our homeowners. Crafting homes that stand as beautiful retreats and personalized havens is our joy and privilege. Cheers to another year of creating spaces that embody the spirit of coastal living and tell unique stories.